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All games will be played in accordance with official Collegiate Rules with the following local exceptions:


General Rules

Minimum Number of Players:  We do our best to poll attendance and ensure enough players before scheduling a game but a minimum of eight (8) players must be present to start a game. 

  • We use real umpires.
  • A game may consist of seven (7)  or nine (9) innings depending on roster size or player exhaustion levels. 
  • There is no mercy rule; sometimes we don't even know what the score is.
  • Defensive substitutions may be made liberally



  • Glove: Bring your own.
  • Helmets:  Batters and runners must wear helmets. Helmets are provided. Bring your own if you're afraid of sharing or have a really, really big head.
  • Shoes: Metal or plastic spikes are allowed. Or other athletic footwear. No flip-flops.
  • Catcher's Gear:  Catcher's glove and all protective gear is provided.  Or bring your own if navy/vegas gold or scarlet/royal blue is not your color.
  • Protective Cup: Recommended.  You should bring your own and not plan to share the club's, which is attached to the trophy.
  • Bats: Wood or metal. Bring your own or use ours.  We have an assortment of Rawlings 5150 (-3)from 32-34 in.
  • Baseballs: Game balls are provided. 


Pitching Rules

  1. The pitcher should probably pitch no more than four (4) innings per game, mostly because they're exhausted after two (2).
  2. Balks:  Balks are called.
  3. If a pitcher hits 3 batters in an appearance he will apologize to the batters and his teammates.
  4. Pitching Distance:  The pitching distance will be sixty feet, six inches.
  5. Breaking Pitches:   Breaking pitches may be thrown, even if they don't break.
  6. Strike Zone:  Pitches should be thrown in the general vicinity of this. 


Batting Rules

  1. Batting Order:  All players who appear for the game will be included in the batting order. If a player arrives late, that player will be inserted into the lineup as the last batter when he arrives.
    1. Rule 60.12.1a aka "the batting last" rule. Any player wearing sunglasses upside down on the brim of their hat will automatically bat last.
    2. Eye black, see rule 60.12.1a
  2. Bats:  Anything legal in HS, Collegiate. 
  3. Fake Bunt and Swing Away:  Fake bunt and then swinging at the pitch will not be allowed. Really, any kind of bunting is cruel, but it is allowed.
  4. Batters should lay off the high inside pitches.  These generate lots of foul balls. Baseballs are expensive and the woods have poison ivy.


Base Running Rules

  1. Sliding:  Are you crazy?? But if you must, go for it.
  2. Stealing Base:  Stealing of all bases, including home, is allowed; and advancement may be made on an overthrow at the runner’s risk.
  3. Courtesy Runner: Often this is a necessity. 
  4. Uncaught 3rd Strike:  A batter can advance to first base on a uncaught 3rd strike (passed ball or dropped by the catcher).  Most realize it is 90' away and choose not to.


Awards and Trophy

The one-of-a-kind trophy and awards are handed out after the Commissioner's Cup game in late July.