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The Winners League tee ball program must emphasize fun, learning and practicing the skills needed to play the game and improve each week.  Each team will have a Skills & Drills session each week, and each team will play a modified game on Saturdays.


Skills & Drills Focus


  1. Teach the proper way to throw and catch
  2. Teach the proper way to hit off the tee, DROP the bat and run to first base.
  3. Teach the proper way to field ground balls, pop ups and throwing to a base.
  4. Teach the concept of playing a position and team play.


Game Rules


  1. Each child MUST have his own helmet. Heart guards are MANDATORY.  Players are NOT permitted to bring their own bats. This must be made clear to parents.
  2. All players will be included in the batting order. If a player appears late for the game, he/she will be inserted last in the order. The order should be changed from game to game to allow all players to bat leadoff, bat third, bat cleanup, etc.
  3. The hitting tee will be used in this league. 
  4. The distance between bases is fifty (50) feet.
  5. The game will be 3-4 innings long with a time limit of 1 ½ hours, including pre-game warm-up. The team in the field should try to make the plays in the field, but regardless of the numbers of outs made by the team in the field, the inning ends only when all hitters have had the chance to bat. Base runners tagged out in field do not return to dugout.
  6. Fielding positions will be 1st base, 2nd base, shortstop, and 3rd base. All other fielders should be spread out in the outfield. All players must get the opportunity to play all of the positions over the course of the season.
  7. There is no advancement on an over throw.
  8. Coaches should teach runners the proper way to run the bases (i.e. “running through” first base, “rounding second base” when going from first to third, etc.).  Running indiscriminately from one base to the next just to score a run is not permitted and must be discouraged.  Coaches should coach first and third bases to give direction and instruction to runners to avoid "out of control” running. On “extra base hits” (long hits to the outfield, balls hit to the gaps, etc.), the runner should try to make the extra base at the direction of the base coach.
  9. The objective is to teach the skills of the game (throwing and catching, fielding and throwing, and hitting and running the bases) and to have lots of fun.