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Fields/Maintenance: Fields will be groomed most of the time by the Department of Public Works (DPW).  We are planning on instituting a maintenance program for Shunpike and Nash to be administered by Bob Papa and a team of volunteers.  Please clean up your dugout as soon as you’re finished and make sure to rake the field for the next group (especially if you are the last game). AA and AAA coaches will be given separate instructions on how to turn on and shut off lights at Nash.  We will schedule be on-field seminar given by the DPW on the correct maintenance techniques for the fields.  Coaches are encouraged to attend.  

Field Maintenance Instructions for Shunpike, Nash, and Milton Fields:

Shunpike 2 Field Grooming Instructions

Shunpike 1 & 2 Field Maintenance Procedures

Nash Field Maintenance Procedures

Milton Field Maintenance Procedures



We also encourage everyone to view the following informational videos:


How to: "Repair the Pitchers Mound"


How to: "Repair the Batters Box"


How to: "Deal with Water on the Field"


How to: "Paint the Batters Box"


How to: "Rake the Field"


How to: "Line the Field"