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Dear Chatham Baseball Family,

Thank you for participating in the 2013 Travel Baseball Tryouts.  In advance of the busy upcoming weekend, there are a few important items that we ask you to pay careful attention to:

SIGN-IN:   Please prepare to sign-in 30 minutes ahead of your assigned time slot.  Since space will be limited at Mountainview Gym (check-in upstairs) and (especially) Millburn Sports Academy, we ask that you consider carpooling ahead of time.  Additionally, we ask that both the parent(s) and/or child re-confirm at sign-in which team(s) they are trying out for (Spring, Summer, or both). 

MILLBURN "FIELDING" TRYOUTS:  These times are in the PM, not the AM. 

MOUNTAINVIEW WAITING AREA (upstairs):   Please make sure to mind younger children as you wait, and do not allow anyone to roam the halls  or bathrooms in the Township Building.  Additionally, only tryout players and volunteers will be permitted downstairs in the Mountainview Gym.

MILLBURN WAITING AREA:  The check-in and waiting area will actually be inside the facility near the basketball court.  While you are free to stay there, we kindly ask you NOT to talk to your children during the tryouts (and thus make them more nervous than they already are).  

TRYOUT PROCESS AND TEAM FORMATIONS:  The Baseball Club of Chatham goes to great lengths to ensure a fair tryout process for all participants, and despite occasional outcries to the contrary, no player is given any unfair advantage over any other children.   We expect to announce teams within 10-14 days of our final tryout date.  

WEATHER:  It is possible that the forecasted snowstorm on Friday may postpone Friday's BATTING sessions.  If that happens, our contingency is to require only 1 BATTING session (2 turns in the cage).   In that event, if you are unable to HIT at SAT's session, there will be a make-up available on SUN (sometime between 1:00-4:00pm).   If we have to cancel any event, we will email you and post it on our website. 




Thank you and good luck!

The Baseball Club of Chatham.  


Chatham Baseball U10-U14 Travel Team Tryouts for the 2013 Season
The Baseball Club of Chatham will hold tryout sessions for all U10-U14 baseball players who are interested in qualifying for a position on a travel baseball team for the 2013 Spring and/or Summer Travel Baseball seasons on Feb 8-9-10. **Please note that you must register for, and play Spring REC baseball in order to be eligible for a travel team.

Registration to participate in these tryouts is required and can be accessed on the Chatham Baseball website: http://www.chathambaseball.com.assn.la/, and must be completed by January 31, 2013. We ask that you clarify on the registration website whether you child intends to tryout for Spring Travel or Summer Travel, or both. There will be a $50 fee to help cover the costs for the indoor facility, outside evaluators, and paid instructors at the warm-up sessions. The ‘pre-tryout’ warm-up sessions, which are optional but suggested, will take place on the 4 Sundays that precede tryouts, and only registered tryout players can participate. They are intended to help prepare the kids to give their best performance at the tryouts. Please refer to the “Travel Baseball” link on the new Chatham Baseball website (http://www.chathambaseball.com.assn.la/) for a full description of the travel baseball program(s). If you are unsure of the age level your son should be participating, please note the section “Age Determination” in the travel link. Please also note that U8 and U9 tryouts will likely take place at the end of April.

Travel Tryouts will consist of participation in 1 FIELDING tryout session and 2 BATTING tryout sessions, which are offered per age group. We encourage you to make every attempt to attend the primary tryout sessions (on Fri and Sat), but understand that some conflicts are unavoidable. Please contact if you require a make-up. Make-ups are included in the schedule for anyone unable to make these primary sessions. We ask that you arrive 30 minutes early for ALL sessions.

Fielding tryout sessions will be held at the Millburn Sports Academy ( http://www.the-sports-academy.com ). Batting tryout sessions will be held at the MountainView Gym (MTV) in the Chatham Township Municipal Building on Meyersville Road. The Saturday, Feb 9 sessions will require that all groups travel to Millburn from Mountainview, after their hitting sessions. The schedule should allow for a timely arrival in Millburn.

The schedule for tryout sessions is as follows:

                                                       HITTING at MTV
                                                       4:00-5:15     U10
                                                       5:15-6:30     U11
                                                       6:30-7:30     U12
                                                       7:30-8:15     U13/14

FIELDING at Millburn                     HITTING at MTV

                                                        3:45-5:00 U10
                                                        5:00-6:15 U11
6:00pm-7:15 U10                            6:15-7:15 U12
7:15-8:30 U11                                7:15-8:00 U13/14
8:30-9:15 U12
9:15-9:50 U13/14

Determination of making a travel baseball team will be based on the player’s performance in the fielding and batting tryout sessions, combined with the player’s past travel season coaches evaluation (if applicable). If sufficient numbers of qualified players are available in a particular age group, multiple travel teams may be formed based on skill level.

Spring travel team formation will be based on having a sufficient number of players who qualify and are interested, and availability of coaches to run and manage a spring team.

Players will be notified about the results of the team formation process by mid to late February.

Please contact Bill Karpowic at with any questions.

Attention 3rd Grade Parents: Please note that these winter tryouts are only for the U10-U14 travel teams. Most 3rd graders are U9 (or U8) eligible players, although a small number of older 3rd graders are in fact only U10 eligible. If your child is in that category (born between May 1, 2002 – Apr 30, 2003), then you will need to tryout as a U10 in the winter tryouts detailed above. If your child is either U8 or U9 eligible, please note that those tryouts will likely take place at the end of April.