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Youth League Head Coach Information
  Youth League Head Coach Information   Coaches,...
Answers to Common Questions
  Hi Coaches, Here are answers to some common...
Background Check Notice
Coaches Information
    Chatham Baseball is affiliated with...
Youth League Head Coach Information
by Michael Henne posted 3/9/2020

Youth League Head Coach Information


Coaches, welcome and thank you for volunteering to coach for the Youth League season!

Please read this email…preferably to the END!

Take a visit to the “Coaches Corner” on our website.  This part of the website contains important info, some of which is repeated below.   


League RulesUnder the “Youth League (Rec) Baseball” menu bar are the rules for your league.  Please review these.


Incident Reports—On the website under the “Baseball Club of Chatham” menu bar is a dropdown tab labelled <Incident/Injury Reporting>.  Please familiarize yourself with the injury reporting requirements in this section. Should a player on your team suffer an injuryand you are unsure of whether to file a report remember, “When in Doubt, Fill it Out.”


Sponsors–Your team sponsors provide 25-30% of our yearly club revenue.  The funds raised help reduce the amount we must raise in registration dues from all members.  In return, we ask that you treat your sponsor like another team member and include them on all team emails. Also please send them an email thanking them for sponsoring your team this season and invite them to throw out the first pitch on your Opening Day. This goes a long way to making them want to sponsor a team the following year.  Not all sponsors want to interact closely with their team, but a few things we offer all sponsors:

  1. An invite to throw out the first pitch on your team’s opening day.  A nice touch is to have the team sign a baseball and give it to the sponsor if they do throw out the first pitch.
  2. On Picture Day a team photo is taken.  These are put on a plaque and given to the sponsor. It is imperative that you have your team show up for the team photo on Picture Day.


Website Tools– It is important for you to leverage the website to manage your team.  All players, coaches and sponsor details (phone, email, etc.) are located there.  You should already be registered but if not and you need help registering let us know.  There is also a mobile app (search for “League Athletics” or “SI Play” in your app store, either app works and the choice is yours) which is useful to have on your phone.


To access your team info on our website:

  1. View your roster – under “Leagues and Teams,” navigate to Choose a Team >20XX Spring Recreational >[Your league]>[Your team]. Then select ‘Roster’ on the left
  2. Communicate with the team – All team communication should be through the website.  It allows you to select the email address that all replies go to (i.e., your email account) so you don’t have to log in to get responses.  From the ‘Roster’ page, click on a player/coach/sponsor to send them an email, or from the ‘Options’ menu in the top right, select ‘Email Team’ to send a note to the entire team.
  3. View your schedule-- Under “Leagues and Teams,” navigate to Choose a team >20XX Spring Recreational >[Your league]>[Your team].  Then select ‘Schedule’ on the left.  In the Actions column to the right you will be able to Edit, Delete or check for RSVP’s to events.
  4. Receive confirmation on game/practice attendance – The website will send automatic email reminders to players and coaches asking them to confirm or decline participation in each event.
  5. Get directions--Clicking the event in the Detail or Location column will bring up any particulars about the event and directions to the location.


Opening Day Coaches Responsibilities - Have fun, and please make sure all your players are wearing their heart guard.  They can play without a glove, but not a heart guard J. 


Weekday practices–Winners through AA have dates and locations scheduled for weekly practices.  These will be on your schedule.  It will be up to each coach and their assistants to run these practices.  If any head coach or one of the assistants cannot be present for the practice, then the head coach must cancel the practice through the website. 

For AAA through Pony, practices are scheduled by the coach.  Locations and times are the responsibility of each coach who must reserve a field through Carol Nauta at the Recreation Department.  

For Winners through AA, fields for any practices held outside the practice schedule must also be scheduled through Carol.  Carol can be reached at


Lock CombinationsEach field has either a shed or lockbox where we keep equipment:  bases, batting tees, and field maintenance equipment.  The combinations for these locks are changed each season and will be communicated to each League Coordinator for dissemination to each Head Coach.  We ask that these combinations not be given to anyone but your team’s coaches to avoid thefts.   


Field MaintenanceThe Borough and Township DPW’s are responsible for general maintenance of our fields on weekdays. They do not maintain the fields on the weekends.  As coaches, you are responsible for the following:

  • Obeying any field closures
  • Removing your team’s litter and empty drink bottles from the dugouts
  • First and last teams on the field:
    • Natural grass:
      • First team on the field is responsible for putting out the bases kept in each field shed or lock box, and removing any tarps;
      • After each weekend game, the two teams who just played should do a light raking of the infield around the bases for the incoming team;
      • Last team will also do a light raking and put the bases back in the shed or lock box.  If the mounds and batter’s boxes have tarps, recover them. Unless the field is a dedicated baseball field, if you use a portable mound remove it from the field.
    • Turf:
      • First team is responsible for removing the plugs, and installing the bases;
      • Last team is responsible for removing the bases, putting them in the shed, and placing the plugs back in the holes.  If you use a portable mound remove it from the field.

Attn: Coaches using Nash #1 & #2, Shunpike #1 & #2, and SKS,

On Nash #1 and #2, and Shunpike #1 and #2 we use a Rogers breakaway base system.  Please be aware of the proper procedures and installation, as well as removal of the base plate and insertion of the plug or “quick change anchor cover” if you are the last game of the day.  Please read and understand the link on how this system operates. https://www.rogersbreakawaybase.com/installation-manuals

On SKS, we use a Soft Touch™ breakaway base system identical to the turf field bases.  These are easy to use and just require that the yellow tee be inserted into the post hole and the base be placed over it.


SKS Parking—Please tell your parents that everyone must park in the Shepard-Kollock parking lot and walk over to this field.  DO NOT park on the cul-de-sac on Parrott Mill Rd. or anywhere the signs say “No Parking” or you will get ticketed.   The town put in a paved walkway from the S-K parking lot to SKS field this past year. 


Coaches DirectoryAt the beginning of the season you will receive a head coach directory with emails and cell phone numbers you will find useful during the season.  This list is also used as a call up list for AA thru Pony League.

If you have questions during the season please contact your League Coordinator, or any member listed in the directory.

Thank you for coaching and have a safe and enjoyable season!

Answers to Common Questions

Hi Coaches,

Here are answers to some common questions.


Why am I not getting emails about games and practices?

99% of the time it is because your email is not set up correctly on the website.

Make sure your profile is correctly set up for the email you wish to have club communications go. In many cases a wife's email is being used and needs to be changed, or you've recently changed emails and did not update your profile.

  • if you have multiple email accounts (work, personal), you should use the one you check most often, or you can add multiple emails separated by a "," 
  • make sure you have not checked the "no email" box
  • make sure you have checked the "practice" and "game" notifications box

To access your profile and make changes, log in and click on "My Account" at the very top bar of the page.  Mouse over your name and right click the mouse.  Your profile will pop up and you can edit it.  Make sure to save any changes.

How do I add, cancel or change a game or practice?
To add a game or practice:
Leagues and Teams>Choose a Team>choose your league and team then select "Schedule"
Options>Add Event

Fill in the boxes and submit.

To cancel or change a game or practice, do the following:
Leagues and Teams>Choose a Team>choose your league and team then select "Schedule"
All your team games and practices should pop up for the date period selected
Select the little orange Edit icon to the right of the event.  When the details page pops up select "Cancelled" from the Status drop down, or if changing, add the new date/time/place and submit.
You can add a note "Due to anticipated cold weather, new field location, etc." or leave it blank.
A notice will automatically be sent to parents and coaches the event is added, cancelled or changed.


Background Check Notice


If you are interested in being a coach/assistant/volunteer in the Chatham Baseball Youth Leagues for the 2016 season, you MUST complete the following steps before you will be permitted to participate as a volunteer, in any capacity.

Any questions regarding  your current status  and/or how to complete the processes described  below should be directed IMMEDIATELY to Carol Nauta, Chatham Recreation Coordinator at 973-635-7066 or .

1)BACKGROUND CHECK   (note:  requirements vary depending on your current status)

  1. If you have NOT had a FINGERPRINT BACKGROUND CHECK  through Chatham Recreation, you must:

i.Complete, notarize and return the Consent and Release of Liability Form to Chatham Recreation. 

  1. This form can be downloaded at www.chathamrecreation.org in the Fingerprints/Background Checks section. 
  2. Please note that Carol Nauta can notarize the document for you.  Carol’s weekday hours are 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m and her office is located in the Chatham Borough Municipal Building at 54 Fairmount Ave. 

ii.Upon receipt of the Consent Form, Chatham Recreation will provide you with the New Jersey Universal Fingerprint Form . This form is needed to schedule a fingerprint appointment.  It is YOUR responsibility to schedule this appointment.

iii.Upon completion of the fingerprint process, the coded form is to be returned to Chatham Recreation either in person, by mail to the attention of Carol Nauta at Chatham Borough Municipal Building, 54 Fairmount Ave., or by e-mail to

iv.Fingerprint results will be sent directly from the State of New Jersey to Chatham Recreation.


  1. If you have HAD a FINGERPRINT BACKGROUND CHECK with Chatham Recreation at any time PRIOR TO FEBRUARY 2012, you must:

i.Complete, notarize and return the Consent and Release of Liability Form to Chatham Recreation. 

  1. This form can be downloaded at www.chathamrecreation.org in the Fingerprints/Background Checks section. 
  2. Please note that Carol Nauta can notarize the document for you.  Carol’s weekday hours are 8:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. and her office is located in the Chatham Borough Municipal Building at 54 Fairmount Ave. 

ii.Complete the New Jersey State Police Form.  This form will be available in the Chatham Recreation office at 54 Fairmount Ave. or will be distributed at meetings and/or at upcoming “renewal days” which will be announced.  Please note that this form CANNOT be submitted for processing without the notarized Consent and Release of Liability Form.

c.     If you have HAD a FINGERPRINT BACKGROUND CHECK with Chatham Recreation at any time AFTER FEBRUARY 2012, no action is required of you at this time.

REMINDER: if you are not sure of the date of your Fingerprint Check or of your overall status, please email Carol Nauta at immediately to inquire.


a.When/Where Offered –  These courses are offered from time to time in Chatham for Chatham resident coaches.  Please regularly check the Chatham Recreation website for the next scheduled local courses.  If no classes are presently being offered in Chatham or if you would like  to take a class elsewhere, please go to www.youthsports.rutgers.edu  to see the schedule of courses in other locations.

  1. Frequency – This is a ONE-TIME requirement.  If you have already taken this course, at this time, you do NOT need to take it again.



Your immediate attention to this matter is appreciated.

Thank you for your interest and support of Chatham Baseball


The Baseball Club of Chatham

Coaches Information


Chatham Baseball is affiliated with the Babe Ruth League under its Ripken Division for Winner, Rookie, A, AA, AAA and Majors Leagues and Babe Ruth Division for the Pony League. 

Babe Ruth provides administrative resources to the Club, Coach and Umpire training as well as access to registration and technology platforms.   Structural support will include safety information, insights on rule changes and educational programs for coaches.  In addition, our Travel program will now have access to local and regional Ripken Tournaments and the Ripken World Series. 


As usual, we are always looking for ways to improve the program and welcome your constructive thoughts.  Please email 


Philosophy:   All-inclusive program that teaches baseball skills in a fun and safe environment.  Games are either introduced or played at all league levels.  While games become more competitive as the kids grow older, we try to allow players to play as many different positions as possible, but are always mindful of SAFETY.  


Coaches:  Must be fingerprint/background checked and Rutgers Safety Course trained.  Make sure to stay with players until they have been picked up;  manage the schedule and communicate with parents, report any injuries to REC Dept at   and @gmail.com .  Please use as many assistant coaches as it takes to run an effective practice.  If issues arise with parents or kids, try to address them with the parents first and if the issue continues please let the Baseball Committee know.  Always use your head and DO THE RIGHT THING.  


Coaches must act as role models and behavior exhibiting poor sportsmanship, a lack of self-control or disrespect towards other coaches, players, parents or umpires will not be tolerated.


Teams:  Younger aged players (Winner, Rookie and A) were randomly placed on teams, while the AA-PONY teams were pseudo drafted by player rankings, with consideration also given to coaches and assistant coaches, as well as, conflicts such as other sports, brothers, sponsors.  We strive to make the

AA –PONY leagues as balanced as possible by evenly distributing skills.


Parents:   Please make sure to have a team parent meeting/communication in order to go over expectations for the season.  Make sure to notify parents about all cancellations, make sure they get their kids to games on time, and ask them to inform you about all absences.


Bat Policy: (see USA Bat regulations)


Pitching:  Please make time to work on developing pitchers (at all ages).  Please give any player that can throw strikes a chance to pitch.  Be extra careful not to leave a kid on the mound who has thrown 20 straight balls.  Be mindful of all pitching limits (which are innings based, NOT pitch count based).  Also, AAA and Majors Coaches should work with Spring Travel Coaches to avoid anyone being overused on the mound.


Rules:   Each league has its own set of rules.  Rules serve as a blueprint for how you to run your teams.  League Coordinators are forwarding league rules to their head coaches (and meeting after this session).  League Coordinators will discuss rules with their respective coaches and see what changes they may want to implement.  ALL CHANGES must be approved by Overall League Coordinator and BCC Board.  To keep game moving, ALWAYS dress your catcher when there are 2 outs (courtesy runner for ALL catchers).  


Schedules:  League Coordinators will develop game schedules and send to head coaches to forward to their teams. 


Affiliate call-ups:  AA-AAA-Majors will all have affiliate teams, and in the event that a coach is expected to be shorthanded, he can “call-up” affiliate players in order to field a team.  AA and AAA teams should identify (1-3) players that can be “called-up” by their parent teams, and communicate names and emails to all relevant coaches and parents.  Please try to call-up older players if possible.


Equipment:  We require all players to have their own helmet.  Make sure that your players have their names in them.  Heartguards will be required for ALL players, NO exceptions. 


Winners bags will each have 1 helmet, 1 bat, and (safety) balls.  Rookie and A bags will each have 1 helmet, 1 bat and regular baseballs.  AA bags will have 1 helmet, 1 bat, and catcher’s gear (make sure it fits).  AAA-Major-Pony bags will all have 1 helmet, and catcher’s gear (again, make sure it fits)…….You will receive combination instructions for any equipment sheds etc from your league coordinators……..Game balls and scorebooks will be handed out with uniforms.  Once again, if you can NOT get there then get someone to pick it up for you…..Lastly, PLEASE return the equipment in good condition and on time.  


Game Balls for players:    Please make a habit out of giving out game balls.  EVERY player on each team should receive one during the season.  


Opening Day:  Will include team announcements, ceremonial first pitch and other activities.


Picture Day:   Information will be distributed as we get closer to the date.


Fields/Maintenance:  Will be groomed most of the time by DPW.  We are planning on instituting a maintenance program for Shunpike and Nash to be administered by Bob Papa and team of volunteers.  Please clean up your dugout as soon as you’re finished and make sure to rake the field for the next group (especially if you are the last game).  AA and AAA  coaches will be given separate instructions on how to turn on and shut off lights at Nash.    We also have informational videos on the website that all coaches and parents should watch.


Weather:  REC will usually make the final call on field cancellations (www.chathamrecreation.org).  Please respect and honor all field closures.  If you have to make the call at the field, do not play if there are puddles in the infield, and do NOT sweep mud off of the infield as it will create a larger puddle the next time it rains.  


Practices:  Contact Carol Nauta for field allocation for practices ( ).   If you can NOT use ANY of your practice slots please notify Carol so that someone else can.   We will designate fields and times for each league during the vacation week.   If you are away, please communicate with other coaches to ensure adequate oversight.


Sponsors:  A majority of the money we raise to run the program comes from our team sponsorship efforts.   We will supply you with the Sponsor’s contact information and ask that you reach out to them to thank them for their support.   A simple email from the Coach with the schedule of games goes a long way in our efforts.  


Uniforms:   Will usually be available the week before Opening Day.  Chatham Sports Shop provides all our Youth League uniforms and you will receive instructions on how to distribute them.


****Heart guards are required for ALL players


Umpires:   AAA-Majors-Ponys will all have carded umpires for their games.  League coordinators will soon be given instructions on getting the funds to coaches in order to pay the umpires.  We generally provide high school aged players as umpires for the AA games, but in the event we cannot be prepared to do that yourselves.  We suggest that the home team be responsible for umpiring, or finding another “parent” ump.  


Rec player evaluations:   End of season evaluations take no more than 10 minutes to fill out and assist us in placing kids for the next season.  Please fill them out in timely fashion.   This is a requirement to be a Head Coach in future years.


First aid kits:  Coaches should bring a first aid kit with some ice to practices and games. 


Locks: There are combination locks on all the equipment sheds at each field.  At the beginning of each year these are changed.  You will be given the combination code for the lock by the LC (Pony, Majors, AAA) or at an orientation session (Winners, Rookies, A, AA)









Adobe PDF file A League Skills Flowsheet *-  A League skills flowsheet

Adobe PDF file A League Skills Flowsheet (Notes) *

Adobe PDF file AA/U7/U8 League Skills Flowsheet *-  AA/U7/U8 League skills flowsheet

Adobe PDF file AA/U7/U8 League Skills Flowsheet (Notes) *

Adobe PDF file AAA/U9/U10 League skills flowsheet *-  AAA/U9/U10 League skills flowsheet

Adobe PDF file AAA/U9/U10 League Skills Flowsheet (Notes) *

Adobe PDF file Majors/U11/U12 League Skills Flowsheet *-  Majors/U11/U12 league skills flowsheet

Adobe PDF file Majors/U11/U12 League Skills Flowsheet (Notes) *

Adobe PDF file Pony/U13/U14 League Skills Flowsheet *-  Pony/U13/U14 League Skills flowsheet

Adobe PDF file Pony/U13/U14 League Skills Flowsheet (Notes) *

Adobe PDF file Winners and Rookies *-  Winners and Rookies skills notes

Adobe PDF file z.General - Defensive Situations *

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.